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Do u Know DRIFTING ?

What is drifting?

Drifting is a high-skill level motor-sport in which drivers control a car while it slides from side to side at high speed (approx. 90 to 125mph) through a fixed course. It is similar to Rally racing on ice barn, but is done on a tarmac (paved course) and judged on speed, angle of attack, execution and style rather than just who finishes the fastest. Drift cars are typically compact to midsized, rear-wheel-drive sport cars. The goal is to apply enough power to the rear wheels to break the tires' traction and initiate a slide while accelerating the vehicle forward, or "drift" Once a drift is initiated, it must be maintained through the turn using nearly a full power, a tap of braking and precise counter steering.

What is D1 Grand Prix?

Determination of who has the coolest driving style.
D1 Grand Prix is a sport, which is judged, based on who has the coolest and radical drifting performance style. Drifting is a way of driving that force the rear tires slide while controlling the pass of forward motion. The steering wheel is turning to the same side of the sliding direction, and drivers are to control the vehicle in extreme speed, often exceeding 120mph, and driving conditions.

Drifting is an extremely difficult driving style that requires a high level of skill and technique to control the car in the relm of the uncontrolable. It's very amusing to watch each driver's performance as well. In addition, unlike Rally and other motor sports, the determination of winner/loser is largely based on driver's skill instead of the machine advantages. D1 Grand Prix is all about the rivalry of each driver's drifting skill.

- d1 gp.com -


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